The Molly McDermott Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Molly McDermott Memorial Scholarship Fund has a five-year goal to raise $25,000 for an endowment that will be used to support young women in Canada and developing countries, who are pursuing educational goals in health, environment, and social related fields, who have embraced inclusive societies.

The IronStride Cycling Club generously offered a racing bike to fully launch the MMMSF. Incredibly, all of the tickets printed for the draw were sold and the event attracted additional donations. There is one more large donation to be received, but the tickets and donations at the event totaled $1,000. This was matched by an anonymous donor for a total of $2,000 to date. Another donor will forward their contribution shortly.

It was an incredible day with cyclists and their families sharing their stories and support for the scholarship fund. We hope to repeat this event next year and we believe together we have built a wonderful momentum.

We wish to thank the IronStride Club, in particularĀ Randy Zabukovec, Hope Leyenhorst, all of the cyclists who participated in the fundraiser, and the other generous donors who made this event a great success.

With Deep Gratitude,

Plenty Canada and the McDermott Family