Welcome to the 2021 Thousand Islands Gran Fondo Challenge!

The Thousand Islands Gran Fondo was created to encourage folks of all abilities and levels to get fit and active by challenging themselves to one of our three routes (80/120/160km). The event date was purposely selected in September to allow riders to get fit over the summer and be ready for one of the distances in September.

The Covid pandemic has eliminated our ability to host a one-day mass event but it cannot crush our spirit and commitment to host an even better edition of our Gran Fondo. We have the ultimate challenge for every rider regardless of ability. A challenge that will inspire you for months and will get you ready to conquer any distance event.

To Complete the 2021 Gran Fondo Challenge, You Will Need to Complete Four Individual Tours

Tour #1: Complete 250km in the month of June
Tour #2: Complete 500km in the month of July
Tour #3: Complete 750km in the month of August
Tour #4: Complete one of the Gran Fondo routes (80/120/160km) between Friday, September 10th and Sunday, September 12th, 2021.

Tour #4 will be an unsupported ride but we will have a gift bag of food and goods ready for you when you complete the ride!

Once you register for the challenge you will be sent a link to our Ride with GPS challenge board that will automatically record all your rides between June and September when using the Ride with GPS app. Full instructions will be sent to each rider when they register.  

Bonus: You Will Receive SWAG for Completing EACH Tour!

Complete Tour #1: TI Gran Fondo Water Bottle
Complete Tour #2: TI Gran Fondo Cycling Hat
Complete Tour #3: TI Gran Fondo T-Shirt
Complete Tour #4: Bag Full of Post-Ride Food and a Local Craft Beer 

Complete All 4 TI Gran Fondo Tours: Receive a special edition Gran Fondo jersey marking the 1600km of riding that you accomplished in three months. 

Thousand Islands Gran Fondo Challenge Swag

TI Gran Fondo Challenge Registration Fees:

Tour #1 Registration Fee: $70.00 + HST
Tour #2 Registration Fee: $70.00 + HST
Tour #3 Registration Fee: $70.00 + HST
Tour #4 Registration Fee: $130.00 + HST

Registration for all 4 TI Gran Fondo Tours: $285.00 + HST
This includes the TI Gran Fondo water bottle, cycling hat, t-shirt, and the special edition cycling jersey.

$5.00 from each individual tour registration and $20.00 for all four tours will be donated to the University Hospital Foundation.